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This means that Actually Clean’s methods simultaneously kill bacteria while "Green Cleaning" the various floor and upholstered surfaces throughout your home or business.

Longer Lasting Carpet!

Yearly carpet cleaning with Actually Clean can result in additional life for your carpet. Industry research states that a simple yearly carpet cleaning can extend the life of your carpet by 1 year for each yearly maintenance cleaning.

We Back Up Our Work!

If you are not satisfied we will return on our time and dime to re-clean to your satisfaction!

A Better Cleaning Process - Gives You A Better Clean Period!

Actually Clean Floor & Furniture of Colorado operates with a higher extraction temperature measuring over 230 degrees. Science says that the boiling point for water is 212 degrees and boiling water kills bacteria! Other carpet cleaning outfits run their temperatures around 160 degrees.

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Carpet Protection

Extend the life of your carpet with regular cleaning and protection services to honor your warranty.

Protection can reduce fluid penetration into the fabric fibers which help extend the life of such a serious investment in your home or office. Protection can help reduce staining by repelling fluids off the fibers which reduces the potential to stain, damage and slows the natural wear and tear eventually slowing the overall wearing out of your investment.

There are many benefits to carpet protection and bottom line: It is just a good idea to apply carpet protection to extend and care for your carpeting!

Pet Stain / Odor Removal

We Are Experts at Eliminating Pet Stain, Odor, Red Wine and Other Stain Removal

We too have pets and understand the need to provide a cleaning service that is safe to all residents of the home including the little and not so little furry family members!

Each pet stain and odor is unique and requires a specific formula. Actually Clean has a proprietary Green/Eco Friendly solution that will most effectively remove the pet stain/odor.

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Professional cleaning and maintenance experts!
Locally & Family Owned Since 2001